Lightly Salted

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If you really wanted to be with me like you said before, you would’ve done what it took to have me. I’m a pain in the ass lately, but I have half a right to be with everything I’ve been put through. Reality is, you have a girlfriend you don’t want to give up to “risk” having me, when I’ve proved to you for three years that I’m the best you could have. Keep her then if you won’t fight for me, and don’t believe I’m worth fighting for, show her everything you didn’t with me, give her the real chance that you never gave me. Someone deserves to have all that, and I’m glad you finally found someone to give it to since I was still never enough after all I did for you. You can’t keep both of us though, I’m not going to sit and wait to see if you change your mind again.

Wait for Me - Kings of Leon

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Tethered Bones - Talos

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